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“Jeff Dawson’s consultative approach to sales is extremely successful as he is always 100% clear and focused on his customer’s needs and consistently over delivers with solutions. His track record of building and maintaining business is outstanding and you will usually find him at the top of any sales league tables. 

After years of success he has easily made the difficult transition from top sales person to sales manager and has demonstrated his ability to manage, motivate and monitor sales teams. Individuals within his team benefit a great deal from his experience and the advice he can give”.

Jason Neale – Sales Director, Infinity - Mortgage Lender

“I have had many occasions to be thankful for your help and support which surpassed any service levels received from other companies.  I consider my business would not be what it is today without your previous help and support.” 

Brian Garforth – Owner, Moorside Associates – Mortgage broker

“What won the account for Jeff Dawson and his firm was his tireless dedication and willingness to help improve and increase our business levels.  The success of the business relationship Jeff nurtured and ultimately handed on proved to be invaluable not only in respect to the considerable revenue stream it produced for us but also in terms of growth and development of our experience and reputation.”

John Brooks – Financial Services Director, Burchell Edwards – Estate Agency

“I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Dawson at Advantage between 2004 and 2007. These 3 years were the most successful in my career to date and I firmly believe that Jeff’s management helped me to achieve my full potential”

Derrick Hyman – Business Development Manager,
BDS – Intermediary packager


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